Underworld / Our Annual Cure Night / Free Event

Though I tend to keep pretty local, I decided to head to Brooklyn to check out The Cure night at St. Vitus. All my preconceived notions of partying in New York City have been thrown in the trash because I met some of the nicest people at this at this event.

Tonight! Underworld / Our Annual Cure Night / Free Event

NYC bars stay open until 4 a.m. (something Philly has been talking about), and I go to my fair share of afters. As a perpetual early bird, however, it felt strange getting to an event after 12. St. Vitus is all that I want in a dive bar. By the bathrooms was a votive candle rack, like what you would see in a church for blessings, and upside down crosses everywhere. While the decor itself may sound cheesy, it was very well done and not lame. The dancing area was a perfect size with crisp and not overbearingly loud sound.

Overall vibes were amazing. People were friendly and genuine in a really refreshing way.  Some flirtiness happened to me and my friend throughout the night, but it was nothing disrespectful or over the top. Our coats were still there on the rack when we left-I make this point because there have a been a few times lately where I have had things stolen at Philly venues. Small things, but still.

Another note I want to make is that nobody was getting so messed up that it imposed on anyone’s night. Overall the environment was lowkey. My only small complaint is that I wished the DJ’s (who were all sooo good) had added a little more variety between The Cure songs.

I look forward to coming to this event again, y’all should come too.


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