Guest Blog: Nace Phlaux of Phillygoth

Hello friends! The Sociable Witch is back at it! To start it off on that “good good” note, I am pleased to feature a guest blog from Nace Phlaux of Philly Goth.

I grew up in Levittown, where adult video stores lined Route 13 and provided the easiest resource for toys and exotic gifts. This was before you could buy vibrating cock rings at Walgreens, long before you had to go out of your way to filter out cam girls from every search you made on Google. The nearest place a classy gentleman could go for a sixty-minute movie that was fifty-nine minutes and thirty seconds too long was the small room behind the thick black curtain at the video rental store.

The passing years brought hormonal urges and weekend trips to New Hope and South Street and laughter at the sperm at Condom Kingdom’s entrance and a lot of confusion about the merchandise at Le Chateau Exotique and what was known as Fetish Boutique. As a grown man, I’m still confused by some of the items on their shelves, but I’ve come to learn how to use some as well. This is, in no small part, thanks to the staff at Passional, a store that embodies many of the best qualities of Philadelphia. The store has trudged through name and location changes to become a staple in the city, helping us to learn about ourselves and each other and to grow within the scene and the community.

The first floor is home to corsets and other fantastic fashion for every gender. Venture to the second floor (the Sexploratorium) for toys and accessories useful to nearly every kinkster. The third floor is reserved for private events and the Passion 101 classes, where experienced coaches can guide you through topics ranging from dirty talk and pegging to fire play and rope bondage. In addition to the store and classes, the group has helped organize two amazing events–the Libertine Ball and the Diabolique Charity Masquerade Ball–gathering thousands of dollars every year for organizations like Philadelphia FIGHT and Leather Heart Foundation and featuring the DJs, models, and burlesque troupes Philly knows and loves.

Passional Boutique & Sexploratorium are located at 317 South Street or visit (probably not safe for work) for more information. They’ll be there whether you’re just coming to terms with your hormones, simply looking for quality toys for your bedroom or dungeon, or seeking a friendly voice that will tell you-you’re not the only one out there who needs a good spanking to get through the day.

Nace Phlaux is the owner of and the recently unveiled St. John’s Media, providing websites for writers and other artists. He can be reached at

Thanks again Nace for a wonderful and insightful post. Be sure to check out to stay on top of the haps. I loove guest blogs. If you’re interested in submitting one of your own, simply like The Sociable Witch page, followed by a DM for details.

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